Practice areas

  • Litigation


    Assistance since the pre-litigation phase, appointing the best understanding according to doctrine and jurisprudence, for the definition of the litigation strategy or amicable resolution of the dispute.

    The practice encompasses corporate, contractual, real estate and civil responsibilities litigation.

  • Tax Litigation

    Tax Litigation

    Assistance with tax audits and renewing tax certificates

    Representing clients in tax claims, whether federal, state or municipal, both administrative and judicial.

    Representing clients in law suits to recover taxes unduly paid and questioning the legality or constitutional conformity of tax collection.

    Assistance with installment programs for tax debts.

  • Commercial Contracts

    Commercial Contracts

    Drafting, reviewing and negotiating commercial contracts in several areas, inclusing options, exchange (permuta), consulting, financing, lease, loan, services and guarantee agreements, in the context of corporate, financial or commercial transactions or in the ordinary course of a client’s business.

    Responses to varied consultations involving contracts or specific clauses, as well as drafting of legal opinions about the subject.

  • Family and Succession

    Family and Succession

    Personal assistance in family and succession issues, aiming at preventing judicial or extrajudicial disputes.

    Practice involving preventive measures, trough drafting of documents related to family and succession planing, with the objective of avoiding conflicts arising from the end of marriages and civil union, custody, alimony, parental alienation and asset sharing in marriage and inheritance. When conflict is inevitable, we look for swift and effective solution, preferably through amicable proceedings.

  • Mediation


    Impartial and neutral mediation for the solution of family, personal or corporate conflicts, with a view to facilitate dialogue between the parties, in order to construe the best solution for the issue at hand, always taking into account the parties autonomy, in light of their individual interests and needs, under the principle of voluntary action.

  • Corporate


    Incorporation, maintenance (routine act/compliance with applicable legislation), dissolution and liquidation of companies of all corporate types, associations and foundations, through drafting of corporate acts which are necessary, such as minutes of general assemblies or partners meetings, amendments of articles of association, among others.

    Corporate restructuring, including transformation, mergers and splits of companies and associations.

    Analysis of corporate governance practices and drafting of documents to implement them, including partner and shareholders agreements, amendment of by laws and articles of association, as well as policies and internal regiments.

    Foreign investment, including registration before the Brazilian Central Bank, Federal Revenue Service and Securities and Exchange Commission, as applicable.

    Consultation on corporate matters in general and preparation of corresponding legal opinions and memoranda when requested by the client.

  • Tax Consulting

    Tax Consulting

    General tax consulting, considering current interpretation and application of Brazilian tax law for individuals and legal entities, foreign or domestic, including:

    preparation of income tax statement;

    structuring and implementation of tax solutions, including for purposes of estate planning, tax planning, corporate reorganization, purchase and sale of companies and formation of joint ventures, among other commercial and corporate actions

    analysis of most adequate tax regime, based on client’s operations and financial and accounting information;

    consultation with competent government bodies with regard to the interpretation of tax legislation;

    assistance in obtaining tax incentives and special tax regimes;

    consultation of various tax issues and preparation of corresponding legal opinions.

  • Wealth and Estate Planning

    Wealth and Estate Planning

    Legal assistance in the organization and protection of estates for individuals and families, taking into account each client’s history, including the level of maturity of their equity, and future projects and aims. Our assistance considers on and off shore structures to propose the most efficient structure while addressing various legal concerns, such as estate, corporate, succession, governance and tax issues, as well as implications of family law, always indicating risks and cares to be considered.

    Structures to mitigate risks related to the holding of positions as statutory officer or director.

    Assistance in compliance with tax obligations related to the implemented wealth and estate plan, such as tax on donations.

    Analysis of corporate governance structures and practices, as well as the documents necessary to implement them, such as partner or shareholders agreements, review of articles of associations and by laws, as well internal policies and regulations.

    Providing planning related to income tax, formalization of definitive exit from the country and return of Brazilians residing abroad. Orientation with regard to the declaration of foreign capital.

    Legal assistance with regard to marriage regimes and tax impacts of marriage agreements and stable unions, inheritance issues, structuring of extrajudicial pacts, donations, wills, family protocols, governance policies and the incorporation of family holdings.

    Litigation assistance in all matters related to family and succession law, always identifying the specific needs of clients and taking into account the legal certainty of those involved.